FAN YE’s┬áminiature implantable integrated nanophotonic probe with light sheet illumination for deep brain imaging. [Photo by Fan Ye of Rice University]
Mayank Kumar is leading a project to refine video monitoring of vital signs by compensating for a patient’s skin tone, ambient lighting and movement. [ Photo by Jeff Fitlow of Rice University ]
FlatScope is being developed at Rice University for use as a fluorescent microscope able to capture three-dimensional data and produce images from anywhere within the field of view. [Photo by Jeff Fitlow of Rice University ]
Jesse Adams and Vivek Boominathan set up a test shot with a FlatCam prototype. [Photo by Jeff Fitlow of Rice University]
Ashok Veeraraghavan, Adam Samaniego and Ashutosh Sabharwal have developed mobileVision, a self-use mobile system to capture high-resolution images of a patient’s macula without dilation in advance. [Photo by Jeff Fitlow of Rice University]
Yicheng Wu demonstrates the SAVI prototype, which is able to capture fine details of an object from a distance. The prototype camera is on a motorized track in the foreground at left, while a laser at right creates a speckle pattern on the target, a fingerprint. [Photo by Jeff Fitlow of Rice University.]
Mayank Kumar, Amruta Pai and Akash Maity performing tests of optical imaging techniques for non-contact, remote monitoring of vital signs and tissue perfusion. [Photo by Vivek Boominathan/Rice University]
Ashok Veeraraghavan and Shezheng Zhang with selective plane illumination microscope prototype for imaging through scattering media. [Photo by ECE Rice University]